Miscellaneous components that are used within the SendGrid user interface. These components are typically global elements and some can be used in conjunction with other components in Style Guide.

Feature Comparison

AWS Basic AWS Pro
Monthly plan price $10.00 $80.00
Emails/month included in plan 40,000 100,000
Price per extra 1,000 emails $0.50 $0.50
Price per extra 10,000 contacts $10.00 $10.00
Other Features
Teammate accounts 1 Teammate 1,000 Teammates
APIs and webhooks
DKIM customization
SendGrid Marketing Campaigns
Dedicated IP
Subuser management
Show all features
Container(s) .compare-table-wrap
Modifiers th.alt th.transparent td.val td.val-alt
Optional Elements tr.no-highlight tr.spacer tr.is-top tr.is-bottom .color-mantis


Default SendGrid Blue Slate Ron Burgundy Burnt Orange Carrot Mango Mantis Spruce Grass Stain Lime Cobalt Bluebird Seafoam Caribbean Crown Screample Sangria Lavender Wild Strawberry Steel
Required .badge
Modifiers .sg-blue .slate .ron-burgundy .burnt-orange .carrot .mango .mantis .spruce .grass-stain .lime .cobalt .bluebird .seafoam .caribbean .crown .screample .sangria .lavender .wild-strawberry .steel


  • Labels should be uppercase and ≤ 20 characters long.
  • Avoid using Mango, Lime, and Caribbean colors except in situations where all other colors are in use.
Don't use colors that don't have AA or higher contrast.
Don't use long labels.


Health 95%
Mana 42%
Stamina 13%
Container(s) .meter-container .meter-bar
Required .meter-bar-fill
Modifiers .is-above-50 .is-below-50 .is-below-25
HTML Elements div.meter-title div.meter-value


  • Labels should be uppercase and ≤ 20 characters.
  • Use only in isolated cases like emails remaining and reputation status.
  • Use only when data can logically be represented as a percentage.
Don't use to demonstate progress through multiple steps.


Modifiers .is-thin .has-label